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Discover Loot N Shoot
Loot N Shoot
Sherlock Ghost is off again for a new adventure where he has to shoot ghosts and shoot just right!
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Discover Battle
Battle Booty Game
up for grabs !
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Discover Theorem
Professor Cartenstein has invented a new puzzle game where you have to connect the elements together!
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Discover Atlantis Paradise Ocean
Atlantis Paradise Ocean
The Fish offer you a booster game in their aquatic world!
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Discover Sideway Colors
Sideway Colors
The Goowiz are back for an adventure of reflex and speed in this game where you have to test your best reflexes!
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Latest Winners
Avatar of : rapoin
rapoin - 19/05/2019 08:17:42
A Bluetooth® Handsfree Kit
Avatar of : majovo
majovo - 18/05/2019 14:13:23
A body painting box
Avatar of : veher114
veher114 - 16/05/2019 21:36:18
An Aicok Mini Blender
Avatar of : papyserge1
papyserge1 - 14/05/2019 21:36:26
A RALPH 2.0 Book - Disney Enchanted World
Avatar of : bandit1496
bandit1496 - 13/05/2019 19:40:46
A Coexister DVD
Avatar of : majovo
majovo - 13/05/2019 08:11:28
A body painting box
Avatar of : gob47705
gob47705 - 12/05/2019 00:24:55
A body painting box
Avatar of : cosette305
cosette305 - 11/05/2019 23:40:35
An Electric Glass Kettle
Avatar of : micomico
micomico - 11/05/2019 21:36:16
A Nikon Digital SLR Camera
Avatar of : fleur974
fleur974 - 11/05/2019 14:32:00
A Nintendo Switch Cars 3 Race to Victory Game
Avatar of : micomico
micomico - 07/05/2019 21:36:29
A Nokia 3310 3G Dual SIM
Avatar of : EVALA
EVALA - 07/05/2019 21:36:29
A Panoramix Apprentice Book
Avatar of : harley93
harley93 - 06/05/2019 21:36:30
A Bluetooth car radio with GPS and rearview camera
Avatar of : babylove7783
babylove7783 - 06/05/2019 21:36:30
An Olympus Tough Digital Camera
Avatar of : calyd18
calyd18 - 05/05/2019 16:09:55
a Polaroid Experience CD
Avatar of : rickili
rickili - 01/05/2019 21:36:30
A BluRay Evasion 2
Avatar of : rickili
rickili - 28/04/2019 16:32:34
A Guardians of the Galaxy CD
Avatar of : EVALA
EVALA - 27/04/2019 21:36:17
A Book The deceitfulness of Scapin
Avatar of : micomico
micomico - 25/04/2019 21:36:20
One 10-inch Touch Tablet LNMBBS
Avatar of : micomico
micomico - 25/04/2019 21:36:20
A Connected Fitbit Watch - Versa
Avatar of : sandykylos
sandykylos - 25/04/2019 21:36:20
One All-in-One Computer 23.8

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Each tournament offers a Prize list up to CAD 775. Win DVDs, household appliances or high-tech products. The highest ranked player wins the main reward and the next players win the other prizes.

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