Player bettyfine posted a message on 02/01 20:24 on the MadWin Forum: PYRAMID LEVELS?. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Number of Messages: 3
02/01/2006 20:24:53

how do you get level 2 of this game?
I have successfully completed level 1 but I still do not have access to 2
thanks to all🙋

Number of Messages: 11
03/01/2006 13:52:39

slt bettyfine i supose k you played with the free party é with that you na right k 2 played o nivo 1 of pyramid if you ve played o otre nivo he fo k you buy de credi é c like to ours your je ne you did not access k 1 single nivo with free party voila amuse you bi1

Number of Messages: 3
05/01/2006 21:09:14

thank you 🙋

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