Player quinte posted a message on 19/03 10:03 on the MadWin Forum: game teacher cardenstein. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :game teacher cardenstein
Number of Messages: 6
19/03/2008 10:03:45

I played yesterday with 3 credits I got about 2000 points and this morning I see that I'm not in class I just have 58 points why. Do the points won with the credits don't count?

Number of Messages: 26
19/03/2008 15:01:22

it is written in the rules when you are on the page of the game, or there are the levels, lower there is the challenge hebdo where you can read it:

This challenge The success of Pr.Cartenstein runs from 18/03/2008 to 24/03/2008 23:59:59 Each time you win MadPoints in free spins, the amounts won are cumulative. all Challenge players Click here to find out more! "

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