Player dauphin026 posted a message on 14/12 17:38 on the MadWin Forum: What's going on on Madwin???????. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :What's going on on Madwin???????
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14/12/2009 17:38:57

As a few days ago, here is a new untimely modification.
Indeed on the new game "un café l'addition" the number of points awarded has just been modified without any other form of trial.
Yesterday for a total of 1000 game points you were credited with 60 Madwin points, today you will only get 40 points.
So we went from 6% to 4%.
In short, I wonder who at Madwin does the pre-study before launching a new game.
If the Webmaster sugarcoats his Christmas bonus or his 13th month, I agree.

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21/12/2009 14:53:07

Hello 🙋

A clarification concerning these modifications on the attributions of MadPoints, you were many to react, which we understand obviously!

When we put a new game at your disposal, we obviously do a lot of tests to calculate the MadPoints to assign. But, of course, nothing replaces the tens of thousands of parts made by yourself from the day of the release!

In fact, the reality forces us to re-balance sometimes games, on the rise (which weirdly nobody ever reports!) As downward.

Why ? Because it is a necessity to guarantee the durability of MadWin, gifts in store ... etc

For almost 10 years that MadWin exists, you can play at home with confidence because we are careful not to jeopardize our balance. For the same 10 years, you've seen dozens of gaming sites that have made you very attractive winnings promises to finally disappear and leave their players abandoned with stocks of points that they have never been able to use. !

On MadWin, you're sure we'll always be there for months, years, and you'll always be able to spend your MadPoints whenever you want.

And it works because we have the courage to do this unpleasant step of sometimes lowering the scores on some of our games where you are "better" than we thought (bravo to you!).

Yes, we must have the courage to "aerate" our players a bit, but believe me, this is the only honest way to guarantee the durability of your games, MadPoints and therefore your winnings!

I recognize, however, that we could better inform you about it ... so we will try to do better next time!

Good games!

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