Player chevalier3000 posted a message on 14/03 00:14 on the MadWin Forum: New game interface. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :New game interface
Number of Messages: 58
14/03/2010 00:14:57

It hasn't been announced, but it's a nice surprise. The loading screen is more beautiful and it's a good idea to indicate how long you have to validate your game. 30 minutes is enough space, but it's not always the same time. For example 4m30 for Dodo Guru.
I hope that this given time is reliable and that we will have more errors as "unidentified member" or "time limit exceeded".

Very good idea also to give the total number of points of the game (for the weekly challenge ranking).

Number of Messages: 4
25/03/2010 11:38:25

the problem is that 2 minutes for castor x-trem is really not enough with my connection and that most of the time I have an error saying that the time is over and I think that I should not be the only.

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